Medical & Life Sciences
Segue has partnered with medical device companies to provide services resulting in cost-effective products and highly repeatable and controlled processes.
Military and Defense
Segue is ITAR registered and has worked with a variety of defense customers to streamline product development and respond to engineering challenges.
Robotics, Automation 
and Industrial Capital Equipment
Many industrial OEMs are turning to Segue to deliver cost effective sub-assemblies to support their final assembly operations in both the US and China.
Homeland Security
Segue rapidly responds to ever changing security threats with multi-disciplinary, integrated functionality capable of detecting multiple types of threats in one device.
Clean Energy
Segue has increased manufacturing capacity by improving product capabilities, energy efficiency and expanding production to meet growing international demand.
Test and Measurement
Segue is able to provide fully tested, highly precise sub-systems and is responsive to our customers needs for custom fixtures and new test requirements.

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Cost-effective global manufacturing capabilities meets top-notch US-based customer service from concept support to production for medical device and life sciences; robotics, automation and industrial capital equipment; military and defense; clean energy; homeland security; and test and measurement equipment.

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