There has been a rapid acceleration of new alternative energy products driven by the rising cost of energy and related concerns of energy dependence and climate change. Successful manufacturers face multiple challenges such as shrinking time to market, rapidly increasing manufacturing capacity for successful products, improving product capabilities to increase energy efficiency and expanding production to cost effectively meet growing international demand.


  • Fuel Cells
  • LED Lighting
  • Power transmission
  • Solar Energy
    • Capital equipment for solar cell production
    • PV modules
    • Inverters
  • Wind Turbine subassemblies and components
    • Control boxes
    • Electrical generators
    • Transmissions and drivers
  • Energy Storage
    • Power utility backup and storage systems
    • Cabinets, nacelles
    • Rotor blades, turbines
    • Electric motors

Capabilities and Certifications

Segue is well positioned to support OEMs meet these challenges through:

  • Reducing Time to Market: Through our SegueDfX service offering, we work collaboratively with several Clean Energy leaders to lower costs and shrink time to market.
  • Manufacturing Launch and Volume Ramp: Utilizing our SegueLaunch service, we have partnered with customer's to ensure the Manufacturing Readiness of new products and smoothly launch initial production volumes. Using our SegueVolume process, we have transitioned production to our Xiamen facility to both lower costs and provide local delivery for our customers serving the China market.
  • Cost Competitiveness: Segue delivers key sub-assemblies through full turnkey contract manufacturing solutions, utilizing our low cost engineering, electro-mechanical design, manufacturing and integration expertise, global sourcing, and cable and harness manufacturing.