With experience from Industrial IoT to Medical Overmolding to Electric Vehicle (EV) cable and power design, Segue’s engineers have the expertise you can leverage to get to market quickly and reliably.

And with our roots as a contract manufacturing company, our engineers always bring a Design for Manufacturability/Design for Procurement and Lean Manufacturing focus to the design of your product.

Segue's Design & Engineering Services Deliver:

Flexibility & Acceleration

Segue engineers can assist your internal team with supplemental, scalable engineering resources wherever you need them...from transitioning products from concept and prototype through pilot production and beyond.

Value Engineering

You can count on our engineers for expert DfX (Design for Manufacturability, Reliability, Serviceability, Procurement, Test, etc.) to reduce costs and improve reliability and delivery over the entire product lifecycle.

The end result is a cost-effective and scalable commercialization and manufacturing process.

Why Do OEMs Choose Segue Manufacturing Services for Design & Engineering?

Segue offers a unique blend not found in typical domestic or overseas contract manufacturers in their core ability and passion to design and develop tooling of unique electro-mechanical components which when combined with standard off-the-shelf components provides a true “turn-key” deliverable of complex, hybrid electro-mechanical printed circuit board assemblies or cable assemblies in a cost effective manner.

Pick and Choose The Design & Engineering Services You Need, When You Need Them

New Product Introduction (NPI) Services

Contracting with us as part your NPI engineering team for the modules and subsystems to be manufactured at Segue.

Manufacturing Launch and Risk-Reduced Program Transfer to Mexico or China

We work with your design teams to ensure that all the pieces are in place to release a new product to manufacturing and ramp production with minimal disruptions.

Our phase gate process ensures reliability and repeatability.

Tied into your global supply chain strategy, we can design and launch in the USA, and then provide expert manufacturing transfer to our manufacturing facilities in Tijuana, Mexico or Xiamen, China, or our Lisconn partner facilities in Penang, Malaysia and Dongguan, China.

Ad Hoc Engineering Resources

Our engineers can work on your site, under your management, bringing focused cable and electrical panel design know-how to your projects.

Sustaining Engineering for Mature Products

You can focus your limited resources on major new programs like DfX and Cost reduction programs, RoHS compliance and Conflict Minerals Compliance, Engineering Change Order (ECO) implementation & support.

We are tenacious in finding ways to reduce costs during design including:

  • Recommending lower cost equivalents components which meet design specifications
  • Design modifications that simplify the fabrication and assembly process
  • Reducing complexity and part count
  • Competitive component sourcing through our network of existing pre-qualified suppliers and utilizing our in-house sourcing services