Reliable End-to-End Solutions for Instrumentation OEMs

Test and Measurement suppliers are increasingly outsourcing portions of their manufacturing to sophisticated partners as they shift their internal resources to new product development and customer facing value add services such as test design and test services. Contract manufacturers who support Test & Measurement OEMs must be able to provide fully tested, highly precise sub-systems and be responsive to needs for custom fixtures and new test requirements.

Segue is a trusted partner of Instrumentation OEMs, with proven expertise in the design and manufacturing of Test & Measurement devices.

Our expert teams in Boston and China have the exact skills you need for high-reliability, high-quality, high-performance Instrumentation devices.

To Instrumentation and Test & Measurement OEMs, Segue Delivers:


Our engineering and manufacturing teams work as an extension of your team to pivot quickly and seamlessly.

Expert Engineering & Design Services and Support

Segue is known for our technical expertise, clean designs and assemblies, complete documentation, and quick response. Our team has proven capabilities in test fixtures, power supplies, power distribution boxes, pneumatic assemblies, robotic assemblies, electronic enclosures and more.

Cost-Effective, End-to-End Manufacturing Solutions

Mixed Mode manufacturing capabilities - we can build components and final assemblies in both the US and China to support your global operations. We can launch in the US, and then transfer production to China and, in 2024, to our new facility in Mexico.

We utilize our internal Supply Chain Management and Engineering capabilities to find the most effective components across the full supply chain for high level sub-assemblies such as control panels, power distribution units or electro-mechanical assemblies.

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Why Do Leading Instrumentation OEMs Choose Segue Manufacturing Services?

When we have any kind of constraint, Segue keeps pushing to find ways to avoid delays. As project PM, that is refreshing!

Segue's Instrumentation & Industrial Controls Application Expertise Includes:

  • Hand-held and bench oscilloscopes
  • Hand-held and bench spectrum analyzers
  • Data Analyzers
  • Full & semi-automatic functional testers
  • Module, calibration & performance tester
  • Vision testers
  • Audiometers
  • Optical recognition systems
  • Telecom test equipment
  • In-circuit test platforms (ICT)

Got IoT? From Rugged to Intricate, If You Need a Complete IoT System, We've Got You Covered.

Rapidly accelerating technological shifts like IoT, modular instrumentation and the advancement of other complex technologies are enabling Instrumentation and Test & Measurement OEMs to deploy their devices like never before. The Segue team has years of end-to-end electronics development and manufacturing experience, with expert capabilities in customized IoT solutions, including early proof of concept (PoC), development and commissioning of complete IoT systems for industrial-grade IoT devices.

IoT Design > Validation > Trials > System Testing > Volume Production > Deployment

Capabilities include ultra-low power IoT solutions, ruggedization, full system IoT tracking and monitoring.

Instrumentation Expertise: ​Quality Certifications & Registrations

ISO 9001: 2015

Segue ISO 9001 Certification - USA & China

Segue's manufacturing facilities in Boston, Massachusetts and Xiamen, China are ISO 9001-certified

ISO 13485:2016

Segue ISO 13485 Certification - USA & China

Segue's manufacturing facilities in Boston, Massachusetts and Xiamen, China have the ISO 13485 Certification for Design Controls, Manufacturing, Documentation, & Quality Management System Standards

FDA-Registered Manufacturing Facilities & Experience with End-Customer FDA Audits

Segue FDA-Registered Facilities - USA & China

Segue’s FDA-registered manufacturing facilities in the USA and China are expert in complex medical device electromechanical integration and cable and wire harness assembly.

IATF 16949:2016

Segue IATF 16949 Certification - USA & China

Segue's manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China is IATF 16949-certified. Although this standard reflects Automotive requirements, it's another indicator of the rigor of Segue's manufacturing processes.

Segue Manufacturing Quality Certifications, Registrations & Expertise

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From Complex Systems & Enclosures to Small Benchtop Instrument Panels, Segue Manufacturing Specializes in High-Quality Control Panels & Rackmount Integrations

You can count on Segue's experience and expertise to ensure that you receive electrical, industrial and automation control panel design and manufacturing services that meet or exceed your expectations.

From advanced in-house manufacturing capabilities that reduce lead times, to providing custom solutions that perfectly fit the customer’s requirements, we bring the capabilities of a seasoned leader in the industry to the table.

We configure and design high-quality, custom PDUs and control panels for your specific applications and end-customer requirements.

Segue's Instrumentation and Test & Measurement Capabilities

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For over 30 years Segue has been a trusted partner to Instrumentation OEMs, expanding our offering in this market to include:

A Trusted Partner: Design Engineering and Process Expertise

Responsive design and manufacturing for application specific requirements: Our engineering and manufacturing teams work closely with customer to rapidly respond to application specific requirements such as custom probes and fixtures as well as control and power sub-systems for new test processes.

Manufacturing solutions: We are uniquely qualified to deliver cost effective solutions in a timely manner:

Precision manufacturing: Custom probes and fixtures with mechanical tolerances within +/- 0.002 in.

Execution of test and calibration routines: Including setting of precision calibration offsets for individual production units

Test & measurement specific processes: Curing, burn-in and life-cycle testing processes.

Test & Measurement-Focused Production and Program Management Capabilities:

Mixed mode manufacturing capabilities: We build sub-assemblies in both the US and China to support final assembly operations in each region.

Internal supply chain management, engineering, and logistics: We utilize these capabilities to find the most effective components across the full supply chain for high level sub-assemblies such as control panels, power distribution units or electro-mechanical assemblies.