In today’s increasingly competitive business environment customers are driven to:

  • Procure high quality assemblies at the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Maximize cash flow efficiency by minimizing inventory
  • Eliminate crippling supply distributions

Balancing Demands With SegueSupply

By combining the manufacturing capabilities of our US and China manufacturing operations with our SegueSupply program managed through our distribution centers in Lowell and Xiamen, Segue is uniquely positioned to balance these demands for on-time delivery of cost effective assemblies to customer sites in the US and China. We do this through:

  • Maintaining finished goods: Safety stock in our Lowell and/or Xiamen distribution centers is based on statistical analysis of demand patterns and replenishing customer inventory through Min-Max or Kanban supply programs.
  • Mix-Mode manufacturing models: We manufacture your products at both our Xiamen and Lowell sites.  Maintaining live manufacturing cells and supply chains in both facilities has numerous benefits. Our Lowell operation enables us to react quickly to changes in customer demand or to quality issues requiring rapid repair or replacement, while our Xiamen operation provides the benefits of low cost manufacturing.
  • We utilize the Port of Xiamen: The Port of Xiamen is the 4th largest shipping port in China, which has very efficient customs processes. Typical customs and transit time from Xiamen to the Western US seaboard is 14-17 days vs. 4 weeks or longer from Hong Kong.
  • “Dock-to-Stock” programs: For customers where the production volumes and manufacturing repeatability warrant this type of program.
  • Advanced manufacturing and supply chain management:Techniques such as JIT Manufacturing and Demand Flow production lines, Kanban, Min-Max inventory replenishment systems and Vendor Managed Inventory programs assure a high delivery service level from our suppliers while reducing our inventory load.
  • In-house logistics and customer service: Personnel who manage the details and complexities of shipping goods between China and the US, for both normal and expedited deliveries.
  • Attractive terms with air and ocean freight carriers

We routinely provide our volume customers with on-time delivery service levels greater than 99% while minimizing the amount of inventory they hold in their facilities–even on assemblies that we manufacture in China and ship to the US.