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"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." - Stephen Hawking

Scott Duhamel serves as the Vice President of Operations for Segue Manufacturing Services.  Overseeing management responsibilities for master scheduling; program management; supply chain; inventory control; planning; production; line quality and transportation/logistics. Over the years Mr. Duhamel has held numerous leadership roles in operations driving continuous improvement initiatives for large Corporations. He began his career at Gould Modicon, (now Schneider Electric) serving 15+ years in production management, planning management and new product introduction management positions.  After Schneider Electric, he joined on with Symmetricom (now Microchip Technology Inc.) for 16+ years as a corporate master scheduler; production manager and then as global operations manager, supporting Microchip’s Frequency and Time Division.  During his time at Microchip, he helped lead activities that resulted in the following improvements: OTD to Promise up by >14% (Attaining >95%) reducing inventory by over 30% and securing cost reductions of >4% in recent years.  He holds degrees Electronic Technology from Wentworth, Sylvania, and Northern Essex.  He also earned his project management certification from Worcester Polytechnic Institute of Technology.  Lastly, he is also six-sigma/lean certified and is a member of the granite state APICS chapter.  Scott was raised in Burlington, MA and now resides in Seabrook, NH where he enjoys boating and fishing.

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