Segue Manufacturing Services Expands Medical Cable Assembly Capabilities

Company features water tight cable assemblies to IP 67 and 69 Approvals

Segue Manufacturing Services, a leading vertically integrated manufacturing solutions company, recently has expanded their medical cable assembly over molding capability with advanced solutions solving water tight applications requiring IP 67 and IP 68 specifications.

The Ingress Protection Rating System (IP) is a classification system showing the degrees of protection from solid objects and liquids. Waterproof Interconnects can be classified into different grades including IP67 and IP68 for waterproof connectors. IP 67 rating means the interconnect is capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes. IP68 waterproof interconnects are designed for demanding environment and continuous water immersion.

“Segue specializes in medical cable assemblies and we see this as a growing segment of our business. We expect the medical cable assembly market to grow from 36 percent of our business to 50 percent. The medical cable assembly market is a very competitive area and time to market and a successful product launch is critical”, said Mark Griffith, Segue’s Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing. “Segue’s agility and flexibility allows us to outperform the competition and gain the trust and credibility of our customers, Griffith also stated.

“We also see medical cable assemblies as a growth area since we are vertically integrated. We can build smart cables, for example, requiring an over molded PCBA that we can manufacture in house and offer in house over-molding or injection molded plastic housings that get ultrasonically welded. We just added additional capacity by investing in more ultrasonic welding machines to ensure that we stay positioned in this area and can continue to offer quick delivery and capacity to our customers,” Griffith said.

Segue also offers clean room manufacturing environment to support their medical customers in their Lowell, MA headquarters and in their Xiamen manufacturing facility that features 100,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space employing over 450 people.

Griffith also stated, that Segue attracts medical customers based on extensive capabilities including engineering services and a strong quality management system including medical ISO 13485, ISO 9001, UL / CSA certifications and our IPC certified operators.

About Segue Manufacturing Services

Segue Manufacturing Services is a U.S. owned and operated, global contract manufacturer providing a portfolio of engineering services and manufacturing capabilities from sub-assembly level to complete end-to-end manufacturing in a lean manufacturing environment. We provide our customers a competitive edge through a comprehensive suite of cost-effective manufacturing services that is unavailable from most regional contract manufacturers. From low-to-moderate volumes, high-mix production and new product introduction in the United States, we transition to high-volume, complex assemblies at our facility in Xiamen, China. For more information about Segue Manufacturing Services, please visit us at

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