Segue Manufacturing Services Expands Water Tight Interconnect Capabilities

Segue Manufacturing Services, a leading integrated manufacturing solutions company, has recently expanded their capabilities in water tight cable assembly applications. This capability will allow Segue to meet customer demands for water ingress challenges and expand their capabilities in the market place providing solutions to meet IP67 and IP68 specifications.

The Ingress Protection Rating System (IP) is a classification system showing the degrees of protection from solid objects and liquids. Waterproof Interconnects can be classified into different grades including IP67 and IP68 for waterproof connectors. IP 67 rating means the interconnect is capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes. IP68 waterproof interconnects are designed for demanding environment and continuous water immersion.

“We have seen a recent trend in solving customer problems involving applications that require little to no water ingress on cable assemblies and sub-assemblies, said Mark Griffith, Segue’s Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing. “We have solved many water tight applications in the Industrial, Medical, Military, Automotive and Recreational Vehicle markets based on our advanced molding and epoxy techniques,” Griffith stated.

Griffith also stated, “We continue to invest in capital equipment to ensure that we have leading edge technical and product solutions. We also want to stay ahead of the curve and continue to automate our processes to ensure that we continue to offer our customers competitive solutions.”

About Segue Manufacturing Services

Segue Manufacturing Services is a U.S. owned and operated, global contract manufacturer providing a portfolio of engineering services and manufacturing capabilities from sub-assembly level to complete endto-end manufacturing in a lean manufacturing environment. We provide our customers a competitive edge through a comprehensive suite of cost-effective manufacturing services that is unavailable from most regional contract manufacturers. From low-to-moderate volumes, high-mix production and new product introduction in the United States, we transition to high-volume, complex assemblies at our facility in Xiamen, China. For more information about Segue Manufacturing Services, please visit at

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