Segue Manufacturing Services New eBook Provides Essentials for Maximizing Outsourcing Partnerships

Comprehensive guide helps organizations select the right partner, overcome long lead times and reduce cost

Segue Manufacturing Services (Segue), today released a new eBook, “The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Outsourcing and Establishing a Partnership for Success”. The 40-page guide provides key strategies and practical advice to establish successful partnerships with a contract manufacturer. More than 7 Essential Steps are discussed in detail to help companies maximize the benefits of outsourcing:

  1. Understanding key principles
  2. Creating the competitive advantage
  3. Domestic vs. overseas manufacturing – which is right for you?
  4. Controlling and managing lead times and inventory
  5. Creating the win/win
  6. Analyzing the benefits
  7. Ensuring a process for success

Making the decision to outsource your manufacturing either locally or to a low cost region of the world requires time, commitment and focus, but the benefits can be extensive. Selecting the right contract manufacturer can help keep fixed costs low, reduce capital requirements, increase ROI and help gain access to capabilities outside a company’s core

“The path to success with outsourcing must be a strategic decision and the cornerstone of an overall operations strategy,” comments Peter Frasso, CEO of Segue Manufacturing Services. “We see time and time again where companies don’t effectively manage the partnership and the benefits are limited. The goal of this eBook is to help company’s either jump into a relationship with the keys in hand to succeed with a contract manufacturer or up-level an existing partnership to maximize the benefits of outsourcing either in the United States or in a low cost region of the world.”

The free eBook can be downloaded here.

About Segue Manufacturing Services

Segue Manufacturing Services is a U.S. owned and operated, global contract manufacturer providing a portfolio of engineering services and manufacturing capabilities from sub-assembly level to complete end-to-end manufacturing in a lean manufacturing environment. We provide our customers a competitive edge through a comprehensive suite of cost-effective manufacturing that is unavailable from most regional contract manufacturers. From low-to-moderate volumes, high-mix production and new product introduction in the United States, we transition to high-volume, complex assemblies at our facility in Xiamen, China.

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