OEMs in the Homeland Security market are adapting military and law enforcement technologies to meet the evolving needs of this market. Furthermore, OEMs in this market must be agile to respond to the ever changing nature of new security threats as well as the need for multi-disciplinary, integrated functionality which can detect multiple types of threats in one device. These OEMS rely on agile contract manufacturing partners capable of providing design and manufacturing expertise in close partnership to meet these challenging objectives.


  • Security and Safety
  • Cargo and Vehicle Inspection
  • Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiation detection
  • Parcel Inspection
  • Personnel Inspection
  • Thermal, IR and UV imaging systems

Capabilities and Certifications

Segue provides critical services for several major Homeland Security customers:

  • Design Expertise: Segue has collaborated as an integrated design team member with several Homeland Security companies to concurrently design complex cables and control and power electronics assemblies. Additionally, our rapid prototyping capabilities have assisted customers in meeting challenging qualification deadlines.
  • Agile Manufacturing Processes: Manufacturing and delivery of durable and rugged cable assemblies on a kanban replenishment basis. We have demonstrated the capability to plan, document and ramp production using the latest techniques associated with DFM, DFT, JIT, Lean Principles and Vendor Managed Materials.
  • Process Capability: Workers trained to IPC-620, J-STD-001, and MIL-HDBK-454 and QA Standards by certified in-house instructors.