Contract Electronics Manufacturing Benefits

Segue provides comprehensive contract electronic manufacturing services beginning with local engineering services seamlessly integrated with our cost-effective global manufacturing operations. We supplement these core services with local customer service and demand replenishment systems from our US headquarters which lower your inventory carrying costs while providing exceptional delivery performance.

Our vertically integrated capabilities offer numerous benefits over in-house manufacturing or competing contract manufacturing options including lower costs, faster time to market and improved working capital. In summary, we help our customers develop innovative, cost competitive products and get them to market on time.

At Segue, we understand that the ability of a contract manufacturing partner to add value is based on deep experience. Experience in building similar assemblies using our knowledge to achieve cost efficiencies which allows us to manage our customers’ projects in a more timely manner. Experience in developing a qualified supply chain network that provides cost effective, high quality components on a reliable, responsive basis. Experience in providing world class service and on-time delivery. We are disciplined in that we won’t take on projects where we don’t have the experience and know-how to make you successful. We focus solely on assemblies where we are confident we can deliver for our customer.